Welcome to Bolivia

Laguna Colorada, a lake that is home to bioluminescent algae, shines red when the light hits it just right. We ended here on the first day of our tour through the Atacama desert on our way to the Salt Flats of Uyuni. Watching the sunlight slink down the side of a mountain, we listened to flamingos cooing in the distance. The pink birds glided across the water and we laughed at their goofy way of walking. The four of us dispersed for a moment to look around and noticed our tour guide, Liroy, at a lookout point taking photos. Considering how often one must frequent the same sites as a tour guide, we were intrigued to see him taking photos. Janelle asked him if he ever gets sick of visiting the

Reaching Los Torres

Each day of the W trek in Torres del Paine National Park came with fresh challenges for us inexperienced hikers. We hiked 17 miles, the next day added a big pack and steady rain, day 3 we adjusted then the last day we decided to add the element of hiking in the dark. We approached the trek from East to West, which meant we would end our day with the main attraction of the park, Los Torres. The best way to experience Los Torres is at sunrise, when the light strikes the mountains and illuminates them a bright orange against the light blue sky. Because our campsite the night before placed us 4 hours away, we would have to get up and start our hike at 4am. We made it all this way, why not give i

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