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It's Chili Season!

What are the perks of cold, New England weather? Simmering pots of comfort food and sitting by the fire are two big ones for me. Here's a newly commissioned chili recipe complete with the authors signature. I let myself be loose with the lettering of the title as the original version of the recipe I received was riddles with scribbles, arrows and notes on a lined piece of paper. I love the act of sharing food, whether its with friends at a dinner party, a handwritten recipe passed through generations or a quickly jotted note from a new friend. There is something so loving about sharing the recipes that always bring us joy and comfort.

This project recently commissioned as a housewarming present is another reminder of the love and comfort associated with food. We make memories over these simple ingredients; bread, salt and wine, whether they are used for sustenance, flavor or celebration.

What are the foods that light you up and make you feel at home? What are the recipes you would share with a close friend or pass along to a loved one?

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