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Food-Filled February

It's been a month of teaching and painting, here's what's been on my plate! The image to the left is the beginning of my thesis work, the idea is to create food signage for/ inspired by Parkville Market in Hartford, CT. This progress picture is for a Pineapple Smoothie (actually served in a pineapple) that caught my eye on a recent trip to the market.

Another project with some solid food imagery that I've been working on is a custom series of paintings for my uncle's newly renovated kitchen (a blank canvas!). The theme is morning, afternoon and evening, food and drink inspired still lives and they've been a lot of fun! Check out my instagram page for progress videos as I go.

Something that really motivated me throughout the month was the Recipe Illustration class that I offered at West Hartford Art League. I had a really fun bunch of students and each week, they'd work on their own illustrated recipes and I'd walk around helping them. It felt like a food appreciation/ art club because as we worked, we'd talk about our favorite local restaurants and share cooking tips and recipes. Four weeks was just not enough time, I miss it already!

Here are some of their finished projects:

I was SO impressed by their different styles and how they used the different methods I showed. Notice how each used space a bit differently and each has a different whimsical sensibility. And all in the span of a month!

If you want to get in on the recipe illustration fun, I'm hosting a "Little Night Studio" paint night at Farmington Valley Arts Center at the end of March. You'll get to experience the recipe illustration process and work with pre-made templates or free-hand your own design and leave with your own watercolor drink recipe illustration! There will also be refreshments offered.

For more information and to sign up, click the button below:


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