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Dive into my Sketchbook

Whenever I'm out exploring and working in my sketchbook, I wish I could easily share the experience. I'd love to take people out painting with me someday for a workshop. Until I manage that, I figured I'd give you a glimpse into my sketchbook. In this video I talk about my inspiration (I even have a few videos to show you the special places that stuck with me), and I talk about my thoughts behind the paintings.

This was harder to share than I thought, I'm used to my sketchbook being a very personal space but I also love the idea of sharing it. I show you the good days and the bad days. I hope that can be a main takeaway, every page is a layer of my learning process. It's good for people to see it all, not just the more curated instagram feed that we've grown so used to.

I hope this video inspires you to stop and look a few more times throughout the day and maybe even to pick up a pencil!

If you are interested in the work inside, you might like my new set of postcards, featuring three paintings from my sketchbook! Find them in my Shop tab or right here .

Thanks for joining me on my adventure!


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