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California Drawin'

May brought me and my sketchbook all the way across the country to California. Some friends and I visited our pal Sara who recently moved to San Francisco and she gave us the grand tour. I arrived first and started my trip by flinging tortillas at the starting line of the Bay to Breakers 12k race. I got a taste of the many characters, vibrant beauty and overall charm of the city as I made my way to the Breakers. I ran alongside a few runaway brides, straggling dinosaurs, Pennywise the clown and other costumed and scantly-clad athletes alike.

Another highlight shown below was figure drawing at Pier 39. The models were very expressive at times but also knew how to hold a long pose. I found that it's a bit of a challenge to draw sea lions that don't just look like blobs.

Later in the week we made our way to Yosemite National Park to stay for a few days. We stayed just outside of the park at an adorable A-Frame Airbnb and drove to Yosemite Valley both days for some hiking. By some hiking I mean a LOT of hiking. On day 2 we hiked the 15 mile John Muir trail to the base of Half Dome. We saw breathtaking waterfalls, misty rainbows, a few snakes, and the view at the top of the surrounding mountains and the adventurous people using cables to climb up the side of Half Dome. We stopped there for lunch and I sketched a few ideas to paint later on. In one sketch of half dome, you'll see the bird who swiftly flew away with my friend Julia's long awaited sandwich.

I left San Francisco with so much inspiration and sketchbook pages full of ideas for new paintings. Below are some ideas that I've taken into the studio. I'm still in the middle of a 100 day painting journey so the inspiration couldn't have come at a better time.

I have plenty more inspiration to work from so stay tuned as I paint my way through! Most of the paintings above are available for purchase, email me at with any inquiries.


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