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Custom Work Collaborations

Within the past year, I've had the pleasure of working on a variety of custom projects. It's an honor to work on house portraits, pet portraits, and paintings of scenery to commemorate special moments and cherished memories. The projects below hold a range of sentimental weight, promises for the future, and personal significance to the people who commissioned them.

Another aspect of custom projects is the collaboration that happens between the artist (myself) and the client. Inspiration comes from the concept of the project, the destination, and the overall purpose. Each project is a new opportunity to hone my skills, stretch my style, and solve visual problems. There's a feedback loop between my personal work and my custom work, both enrich each other. So, a big thank you to anyone who has collaborated on a custom piece with me, I love transforming your ideas, inspiration, and experiences into a complete vision!

To anyone who is interested in commissioning my work in the future, I am currently open for commissions! Please reach out to me via email at to get the conversation started. My lead time is typically 2-3 weeks and pricing typically starts at $135 and increases based on size, medium, and generally how long it will take me. I can give a more accurate estimate based on your specifications. It's best to request holiday projects as soon as possible, slots fill up quickly!


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