City Style

Do you ever wander through a city on a weekend away and end up with pockets full of cardboard coasters, business cards and receipts? Me too. I collect every bit and take tons of photos; all my meals (and probably yours too), that wallpaper, the sign on that building, it all ends up in my sketchbook. Half practicing my design and lettering, half travel notes, this is just a different way to take it all down. Above is a sketch I did after my friends and I spent a weekend in Portland, Maine. Almost every component references restaurants, breweries and bars (and one meadery!) that we visited. I could have filled more space by adding pickleback shots and the ridiculously good, late-night tater to

A First Flip Through My Sketchbook

Three months came and went like a dream. And just like when I have a dream, I am left trying to describe it. No matter how captivating it was in the moment, or how vividly you experienced it, no one wants to hear you try to explain your dream. You try to recall just how it happened, try to find the perfect words but they fall flat. So, any time I'm asked how my trip was, I wish I had my sketchbooks. During my time traveling across South America, I always carried my sketchbook. I kept my watercolor set in tow too, for quick jots and long layovers alike. I filled one and a half books, still short of the ambitious three that I bought for the trip (one book per month, I guess?). But even now tha

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