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100 Days of Painting

If you've been following along on Instagram or Tik Tok, I'm sure you've seen that I'm tackling a 100 day painting challenge. Along with some classmates in the UHart Low Residency MFA in Illustration program, I've been making one piece of art each day for 34 days so far! My pieces are a variety of watercolor and acrylic paintings, some on canvas and some on paper. All are relatively small and are on sale for around $100. I've been posting process videos too because it can be really fun to see the progression, especially when it's sped up and set to music.

It's been great to have the accountability of my classmates participating or following along. Sometimes I feel like I'm falling behind but I know people will know if I give up at this point! The personal accountability has been just as important. I'm excited to see what I'll make each day (even though sometimes I don't like what I make at all). The only way to figure out what I can make is to well... make it. There's no way around it. I love the idea of seeing a large breadth of work by the end of 100 days and having all these new techniques and ideas to play with. It's been a huge learning experience to far and there's much more to come!

Here are some examples of what I've made so far:

Many are still available so message me if you are interested!


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