PB&J Chia Pudding Parfait

This weekend was my dear friend Rose's birthday! She keeps her apartment stocked with thriving houseplants and the latest health foods; nutritional yeast, maca powder and coconut flour are just a few staples. Another must have? Chia seeds.

I've never made chia pudding myself , but Rose swears by it and we often enjoy it together when I come to visit. For her b-day I decided to illustrate a new recipe I found for chia pudding. I originally found a recipe for peanut butter chia pudding but needed to add more color to match Rose's colorful personality. So I ended up with a PB & J Chia pudding parfait.. because I also needed to paint all those little toppings.

Yes, I had fun painting each one of those little chia seeds. Really all of the textures in this recipe called to me. I love the challenge of getting the gooey, golden peanut butter just right. I use a gold gel pen as the final touch.

This print is now available for sale in my online shop, just click the image above!

I also submitted this recipe for a contest at www.theydrawandcook.com as part of their Peanut Butter Lovers competition, so if you are a PB Lover yourself, head over there and check out all of the illustrations and tasty recipes!

Hartford area people: I'll be displaying and selling work at Open Studio Hartford this weekend (November 3rd & 4th) 11am-5pm at the Colt Gateway Building. Stop by and say hi, there will be SO MUCH art from local artists!

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