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From Palette to Plate

One of my favorite questions I'm asked after returning from a new place is, "What was your favorite dish?" I can think of probably 10 different answers but to make things easier, I've condensed it to a food answer and a drink answer (although no one asked about drinks).

My love of ceviche and pisco sours can be credited to Peru. I enjoyed both in Lima and even went to the bar that claims to have made the first ever Pisco Sour! Both recipes use lots of lime and other bright flavors, so I had to paint them just as bright.

Ceviche is fish which has been "cooked" in citric juices and combined with other fresh ingredients like onion, sweet potato, cilantro, and spicy pepper. I say "cooked" because it's still raw fish, a detail my friend was wary of when I served it to him. "Wait, don't you have to cook it?"

I swear I told him ahead of time.

Pisco Sours also have an adventurous-eaters-only element; raw egg white. I have to say, I'm more of a cook than mixologist so I was wary of this one too when I served up pisco sours for my family. The white froth at the top came out a little more chunky than one would hope. Side note: I would just like to extend a big thank you to everyone who has been a guinea pig for my home cooking experiments. Speaking of guinea pig, anyone think I should illustrate a Peruvian cuy recipe? Sorry, bad joke!

Proof that I sometimes attempt to make the dishes that I paint:

Despite all the skepticism that comes with eating raw fish/ eggs, and trying new things in general, I truly recommend that you try these Peruvian classics at home! Just ask for sushi grade fish and warn your friends ahead of time.

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