*In Person Art Events*

Hey there! When everything shut down, I kinda thought art events would be canceled for all of 2020. Which is a bummer because I (and many artists) rely on those events to meet new people to collaborate with as well as new customers. I also rely on those events for inspiration from amazing local artists! Fortunately though, I know some pretty awesome, supportive, creative people who are trying to give artists opportunities. So without further ado, here are some upcoming events for you to get your art fix in a safe way!

West Hartford Artists Emporium Art Trail

Join me and 15 other local artists for a day of art! A bunch of artists volunteered their yards to be transformed into pop up galleries for the day. I will be set up with a few other artists at 104 Vera Street, selling some new cocktail recipe card designs along with other prints and stationery. The only downfall of being in this show is that I can't bop around town and explore for myself! So please go for yourself and report back to me.

This event is on October 3rd, 2020 at 11am-3pm

West Elm Pop Up Shop

Did you know, besides having beautiful, classic home furnishings, West Elm loves to support local artists? They frequently host local artists and makers on weekend days for pop-up shops. Come find me in the store mid fall and find some treasures to brighten up your home!

I'll be there on October 24th *and* November 17th from 12pm-4pm.

Sally and Bob's Eatery

Lastly, a reminder that my art is still hanging at Sally and Bob's Eatery. I'm mostly telling you this so that you go eat their delicious breakfast food! I've loved having my recipe illustrations in such a perfect place, among cooks and restaurant goers and people who love food. They feel very at home.

My work is up until October 13th. Sally and Bob's is located in West Hartford Center and is open for breakfast and lunch. They also have outdoor seating!

Here's a preview of some art that will be available at the Art Trail!

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